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The ache runs deep

Join us for a 6 Month Immersive Experience

- Doors open on Sunday, May 12 @12pm CT - 

“I have been through counseling, spiritual direction, and have shared with close friends but no one seems to quite get it and offer the perspective and understanding that you have."

- Jamie

“I’ve been advised many times by various married friends, “Now [single hood] is the time to work on yourself [weaknesses, areas of growth, etc.], when you are in a relationship, everything gets magnified: your strengths, your virtues, your weaknesses… It’s all magnified.” I understood what they meant, and it made sense. However, I didn’t know tangibly what to “work on,” and that frustrated me. I felt like I was wasting God’s gift of my longer-than-I-planned single years. When I get married someday, would I look back and regret not “working on myself,” especially when I had more single years than some of my friends? What exactly did I need to do? I didn’t know… but God did. 


I got connected with M&M through an email that appeared in my inbox. I had never heard of them or the intentional single before and to this day, I still don’t know how my email ended up on their list. I wanted to know their thoughts on how I was self sabotaging myself when I came to dating and then. The email led to a workshop, which led to the thriving in the space between class during which I got a taste of the fruitfulness of being coached. Up until that point, I was reluctant to do one-on-one coaching. It sounded expensive and something that mentally unstable or really desperate people do. I look back on that last sentence now, and laugh at myself. I can’t imagine my life without having been through coaching, and it was worth more than every dollar I paid for it! 


The Lord and I have grown closer on a deeper level. Confession has become more powerful and - in a sense - easier because I now know how to take responsibility for my actions or inactions and do it without shame. It’s so freeing! Coaching is a safe space where you can encounter yourself with the help of a trained companion. If any of my story resonates with you, do not be afraid: step into the unknown! The Lord awaits you there.”

Doors open for TIS Membership on Sunday, May 12 @12pm CT!
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