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What you weren’t taught about attachment, men, intimacy, and your cycle and how it impacts your dating


*This event is designed for live attendance, but we're happy to offer you the replay for a limited time (Note: access ends Friday, May 17). 

What would it feel like to not dread the process of dating and getting to know someone? 

And feel self-assured, confident, and maybe even excited about the process!?

Here are the powerful skills you'll learn:

4 Types of Attachment

When you learn yours, you date TOTALLY differently - plus you'll understand the person in front of you on a whole new level. 

Masculine Understanding
Unearth some ways you're unknowingly emasculating men and 2 of the most attractive qualities men find in women.

Intimacy Ladder

Discover 4 of the rungs on the Intimacy Ladder that will help you to navigate when or how to move forward with a guy and one of the most important questions to ask when it comes to what your non-negotiables should be.

Cycle Syncing

Explore what it could be like to create a life that would optimize your energy, your relationships, and your mental/emotional space no matter where you are in your cycle. 

*This event is designed for live attendance, but we're happy to offer you the replay for a limited time.

(Note: access ends Friday, May 17). 

Meet your hosts. 

Hey beauties! Maybe you landed here because you've been journeying with us awhile and love free content (we do, too! lol).


Or maybe you've been waiting for someone to finally SEE you in this season of being single and dating, someone to hold space for your ache, while also giving you practical ways to show up better to your current season (that's doesn't sound like "he'll come when you stop looking"... we also despise that one.) 


Well meet your fabulous hosts, Maria and Meghan! 


We're two Catholic strategic mindset coaches who have coached hundreds of single and dating women learn how to thrive wherever they are, level up their dating game, and discover freedom and joy along the way. 


We've uncovered the countless ways we as women shoot ourselves in the foot mentally, emotionally, hormonally, and sexually when it comes to showing up to spaces of unmet desires. 


And can we just say.... we are just over the moon excited to share MANY of the gems we've discovered with YOU! 

Can't wait to host you soon for this incredible FREE workshop!

Just a heads up

There's nothing more scammy than getting invited to a free event with no mention there would be an invitation to a paid thing they have before arriving... Gone are the days when you weren't expecting a pitch from TIS, let us tell you! 

So in full transparency, this event is scheduled in the middle of the doors opening for our membership (May 12-17). It's a taste of the courses, workshops, and content available to you if you believe membership would be a good fit for you. We cherry picked some fabulous content, ladies. 

TIS Membership is a 6 month immersive experience for catholic single and dating women who are ready to grow, thrive, elevate, and live from a cleaner and more free mental and emotional space in a community of other amazing women (like yourself!). 

So if you're not in a place to receive an invitation to join, no worries gal! Plan on coming for the first 70 minutes so you can catch all the goodness and ask us your questions in the LIVE Q&A and then scoot. 

If you're intrigued after soaking up all the goodness we'll be teaching you or already have interest in what our membership is all about, we invite you to hear from some of our beauties from membership who will be sharing their experiences LIVE with you!

Plus, if you stick around until the very end of the event, you'll have the opportunity to join a breakout room with them and ask your unfiltered questions without M&M listening in. This is a great opportunity for you gals who want that inside scoop! ;) 

If you've been yearning to be poured into and tired of the same results, this event is for you. 
If you feel stuck in your single and dating season, this event is for you.

If you're ready to show up differently to this season, this event is for you.

If you're open to taking action on new skills, this event is for you.

*This event is designed for live attendance, but we're happy to offer you the replay for a limited time.

(Note: access ends Friday, May 17). 

“I have been through counseling, spiritual direction, and have shared with close friends but no one seems to quite get it and offer the perspective and understanding that you have."

- Jamie


Are you kidding!?
I'm IN. 

Replay access ends on 

Friday, May 17

*Replay will be available through Friday, May 17.

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