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Thriving with Cycle Syncing Workshop

A two hour deep-dive into one of your greatest superpowers

*Registration closes on Friday, March 22. Replay access available through Sunday, April 7. 


What if your cycle was actually a superpower? 

As women, our cycles determine our overall health. But SO OFTEN we believe they're our greatest enemies. Join us on Monday, March 18, for a powerful 2 hour deep-dive into our cycles and how they are actually our greatest superpower.


Ever wonder what's actually happening in your body during each of your 4 phases and how to optimize your life in the areas of nutrition, movement, productivity and relationships? You'll walk away learning SO MUCH about your incredible body that you didn't know before and feel confident in how to structure your life with your newfound superpowers discovered.

Your cycle is not just for your fertility!

  • Did you know that your cycle is not just for your fertility and it’s not just something that you work on when you get married? (honestly, that’s a little bit too late….) Your cycle impacts every facet of your life, your health, your wellness, your self-image, your dating, your confidence, the way you’re showing up to your life, everything! 

  • Did you know that there are certain foods you can eat at different phases of your cycles that will help you feel better/have more energy/reduce symptoms of PMS/regulate your cycle?

  • Did you know that your cycle impacts how you show up on dates? There are certain phases when you’ll feel amazing and the attraction is high and other times when you want to hide and not go on the date. There’s nothing wrong with you, you just haven’t learned how to optimize your energy, emotions, and mental space in each of your phases?

  • Did you know there are certain phases of your cycle where particular workouts and intentional movements will be super beneficial to your body, the way you feel, to your mental and emotional space, but certain phase where they can be detrimental to your body? And if you don’t know this, you can actually be hurting your body more than you’re helping it. 

  • Did you know that even your brain operates differently in each of your phases which means your productivity shifts from phase to phase and learning how to harness those phases and that superpower (the way your body shifts brain shifts, emotions shifts) can be the greatest superpower you’ve ever experienced?

You'll walk away from this workshop with
  • Greater knowledge of WHEN to do WHAT kind of work when during your cycle 

  • Deeper appreciation for your female body and they way you’re made 

  • Recognize what your unique needs are in each phase and how to care for them

  • Understand how to show up on dates during your 4 phases (and when its best to break things off)

  • Ways to support yourself emotionally 

  • Foods to support your cycle in each phase 

  • When to do what kinds of intentional movement 

*We are not medical experts, if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor. 

*Registration closes on Friday, March 22. Replay access available through Sunday, April 7. 

Meet your hosts. 

Meet your fabulous hosts, Maria and Meghan! 


We're two professionally trained Catholic strategic mindset coaches who have coached hundreds of single and dating women learn how to thrive wherever they are, uncover their dreams, dig into vital relational skills, and discover freedom and joy along the way. 


We've uncovered the countless ways we as women shoot ourselves in the foot mentally, emotionally, spiritually, hormonally, relationally, and biologically when it comes to struggling to see our cycles as our God-given superpowers. 

Maria has training, experience, and certifications in personal training, nutrition, fertility awareness, professional doula, and hormones. 

And we can't wait for you to have those aha moments which will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

*We are not medical experts, if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.


With special guest: Sarah Rooney

Including a LIVE Q&A

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how the woman's body works. With over 10 years of experience in the field of fertility awareness, we are thrilled to invite Sarah to speak on all things cycle related and answer your burning questions. 

Are you ready to thrive with your cycle?

*Registration closes on Friday, March 22. Replay access available through Sunday, April 7. 

“I have been through counseling, spiritual direction, and have shared with close friends but no one seems to quite get it and offer the perspective and understanding that you have."

- Jamie

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